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West Durham Family Health Team News & Events

Treatment Room Hours for:


  • Allergy Shots
  • B12 Shots
  • Flu Shots
  • Repeat Wart Treatments
  • Blood Pressure Checks

Monday - Thursday      8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Friday    9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Please note that wait times may vary depending on nurses' availability.

We ask that you respect our office environment by not bringing in food or drinks.

The West Durham Family Health Team is pleased to provide you with updates from both our team and community programs. Please check back regularly.

Thanks to everyone for your tremendous support of our raffle for Black Dog Rescue. We raised over $1100 to help this amazing organization that rescues abandoned dogs, provides needed medical care, and finds them safe and loving homes. Claudia Mariano, our NP presented the cheque July 16.


              WE NEED YOUR EMAIL!  The West Durham Family Health Team is currently exploring the most effective ways to communicate with patients. At this time we are requesting your email address in order to be able to send you general information, clinic announcements, and receipts for services provided.  We anticipate expanding the use of email as an effective and meaningful form of comminication.  While email has many advantages, we are mindful of potential concerns including confidentiality and privacy.  We will not be sharing your e-mail address with any other services/supplier/provider, etc..

Click on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to send us your email address. Please include your name and date of birth.  We need this to verify that you are a patient in our office.  Please do not try to email our office or your physician with any inquiries.  We are unable to respond at this time.


NEW!  To parents and caregivers of toddlers. Our FEEDING YOUR TODDLER  group has been moved to our WEB BASED LEARNING page. Check out the helpful tips to ensure your toddler is getting the right nutrition.


Why Immunize?    "Immunization is one of the most important and cost-effective public health innovations. In Canada, immunization has saved more lives than any other health intervention, and has contributed to the reduction in morbidity and mortality in adults, children and other vulnerable populations. "  Immunize Canada.
Please see Get The Facts: 
Answers to questions about vaccines.


Effective September 1, 2015, Dr. Lawrence Tanious retired as a physician working with the West Durham Family Health Team. We wish Dr. Tanious good health and happiness in his retirement.


   Our Nova's Ark Draw was held April 1st.
Here are our winners!


From Left to right, Julie Lachapelle, William Patrevski, Lynn Humphrys, Lisa Powell, Paul Moore, Shirley Hook, and Tony Brown

We raised  $1050. Thank you to Kelly, Julie, Brandy's mom, the front staff for ticket sales, and to our generous patients and staff for supporting a great cause.

The presentation of the cheque to Nova's Ark.


We added a new link to our Health Links Page.  Where to Find a Family Doctor.  Please click on our Health Links - Community Partners  page for this and other informative links.


                    Community Resources:  Please visit our Community Resources page to access a list of  food banks and organizations delivering meals/groceries to seniors and people with disabilities.    Health Links: Community Resources


                   Supplementary Drug Coverage: We are pleased to announce that the West Durham Family Health Team has partnered with innoviCares, Canada's largest free patient benefit plan, providing hundreds of Canadians with free supplementary drug coverage on nearly 100 original brand name medications and other medical products.

innoviCares bridges the cost difference between brand name medications and their generic alternatives, supporting greater access and choice for patients.

West Durham Family Health Team patients, and their families, can visit to view a list of participating products and to register for a free innoviCares card. The card is immediately active and ready to use. The program is funded by participating pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and is offered at no additional cost to patients.


               UNINSURED SERVICES: We now offer an annual plan to make it more convenient  to pay for these services. Please see our updated Uninsured Services page.


               PATIENT PROGRAMS: The West Durham Family Health Team is offering a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program for patients wanting to learn coping skills and strategies to deal with stress, anxiety and depression. Please visit the Patients Programs page for more information on this and other programs.  Cost is covered by OHIP.

               SMOKING CESSATION: Our health team, in partnership with the Ottawa Heart Institute and the Ministry of Health, have developed a comprehensive smoking cessation program for our patients.  This involves frequent screening of our patients for their smoking status, rapid access to specialized cessation counseling, free nicotine replacement products and extensive follow up and relapse prevention measures.  This program has had an impressive success record in the other health teams which have employed it. Please bear with us as we implement this program as it may mean that you are asked more than once about your smoking status. We hope you understand that in order to reach as many smokers who want to quit as possible, we will have to ask about it frequently.

               PREVENTIVE CARE AND ANNUAL PHYSICAL: Your health practitioners are committed to practicing evidence based medicine.  What this means is that our priority in your health care is to offer the most up to date and scientifically based treatments available.  In order to do this, we and other health teams continually examine the treatments we provide and the types of assessments and investigations we employ.  This has sometimes led to changes in the way health care is provided, with more emphasis on disease prevention and chronic disease management.  In many cases, the annual physical exam, or “check-up”, is not the most efficient or useful way to go about disease prevention and management.  Instead, the current focus has been to individualize assessments and to do periodic health exams based on things like gender, age, and your specific health history.  It has been shown that “targeting” the needs of an individual patient is more effective than doing the same standard physicals on every patient.
Please visit our Preventive Care page for other Preventive Care initiatives.

As we move forward, your health team will continue to evaluate how we are doing.  To that end we welcome feedback and suggestions from our patients, and will make every effort to adapt accordingly.  Our commitment is to offer you the highest level of health care possible, in the most pleasant and efficient way that we can.  We hope you enjoy these exciting developments!

                 An Update on The Salvation Army fundraiser from Andrea: Congratulations to all of the staff and patients who  raised over $1000 for the Salvation Army Fundraiser this year.  We're happy to report that we raised $400 more than last year's raffle. 

A special thank you to  Kelly and Julie for creating such beautiful baskets. Also a special thank you to Krystin for making it her mission to raise $1000 this year.  She raised $100 in one day alone.  We are also grateful to the physician group for their generous contribution of the gift basket contents and a cash donation.  As a result of all of these efforts, we're pleased to report that on behalf of the West Durham Family Health Team, a cheque will be presented to the Salvation Army in the amount of $1500.


Employment Opportunities.
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Last Revised: September 2015.