1105 Kingston Road

Monday – Thursday 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Saturday  9am – 11:30am

The urgent care clinic is closed on Statutory Holidays.

Before you come to an evening or weekend Urgent Care Clinic, please call your Physician or Nurse Practitioner's office first. There are some same day appointments available for urgent medical problems during regular hours in your own doctor's office or with the Nurse Practitioner. The office can also advise you whether you need to be assessed in the clinic or if they are able to address your concern(s) by telephone. THE CLINIC CANNOT HANDLE LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCIES. If the event of chest pain, if you think you are having a stroke, or if you are experiencing a severe allergic reaction and having trouble breathing,

  • Call 911 immediately / or

  • Go directly to the nearest hospital Emergency Department.

Who Should Use the Clinic?

If you have new worrisome symptoms, an ill child, or worsening of a chronic medical condition which you feel cannot wait until a routine appointment with your Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner, you will be assessed in the Urgent Care clinic. However, your visit is not meant to replace the complex and continuing care that your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner can provide. Remember, the Afterhours Clinic is meant to provide care to patients of the West Durham Family Health Team for urgent non life-threatening problems only.

The Urgent Care Clinic is NOT intended for:

  • Routine blood pressure checks
  • Routine health examinations
  • Allergy shots or other routine immunizations
  • Regular prescription renewals
  • Review of test or procedure results
  • Referral requests
  • Completion of Forms

How do I register?

Patients will line up on the carpet lined with arrows and will be called forward to register no earlier than 4:45.


In What Order will patients be seen?

We appreciate your patience in waiting to be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner. Generally, patients are seen in the order that they arrive, by one of the two providers working in the urgent care clinic. Please be aware that sometimes we need to prioritize patients based on medical urgency. Also, many doctors, nurse practitioners and other staff are seeing patients with booked appointments during the evening hours.

The clinic does not book appointment times for patients in our urgent care clinic. Your wait time will vary depending on the number of patients that register.

If patient volume becomes excessively high, we reserve the right to stop registration before posted clinic closing hours.

Xrays may not be available after hours as xrays are subject to the hours of independent clinics.
Please note: If you need urgent care, please come to our After Hours clinic, and not to outside Walk in Clinics. 

This is where your chart is, and where your follow up care can best be managed by your own health care practitioner.

Outside walk-in clinics do not have access to your medical history.

Your family physician/nurse practitioner is rarely notified about a walk-in clinic visit from outside clinics and therefore, is unable to provide follow-up care.

Medical staff of the West Durham FHT can provide health advice, where appropriate, to patients over the telephone.

It is recommended that you call ahead to confirm these extended hours as, due to circumstances, these hours may be subject to change.

The Ministry of Health's Telephone Health Advisory Service at:1-866-553-7205, staffed by a team of Registered Nurses, is also available to provide you with advice and guide you towards care.