Below are a list of resources for people living with osteoporsis developed by Osteoporosis Canada. You can also visit for more resources and multilingual versions.


Intended for those who have just learned that they have osteoporosis and those who may still have questions about how to manage this disease. Contains the collective wisdom of other individuals who have adjusted to their diagnosis and now live full and active lives.

This four-page fact sheet focuses on the benefits and necessity of exercise for those living with or without osteoporosis. Includes detailed information on the importance of knowing your fracture risk and the types of exercise one should do. Also discusses the importance of exercise to improve balance and posture.

This six-page fact sheet focuses on the importance of nutrition in maintaining and building healthy and strong bones. Contains detailed information on the recommended daily calcium intake for various age groups, information on vitamin D requirements and much more.

This four-page fact sheet focuses on the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Contains detailed information on comprehensive fracture risk assessment.

This four-page fact sheet focuses on medications used to treat osteoporosis. Contains detailed information on available medications, including effectiveness, who can take the drug, how it is taken and possible side effects.

This two-page fact sheet focuses on men and osteoporosis. Includes information on risk factors for fracture, secondary causes of bone loss and treatment. Also presents a story of a man living with osteoporosis.



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