Health at Every Size® Lifestyle

Health at Every Size® Lifestyle

Confused about what defines a healthy weight?  Many of us are, given the bombardment of messages telling us that thinner bodies are healthier, more beautiful and are passports to success in all areas of our lives.  These messages are partly driven by  $65 BILLION (and growing) diet industry and the public health messages about the “obesity epidemic”.  Despite more children, men and women than ever being on diets, we’re not getting any thinner.  Research evidence is mounting that in addition to being ineffective – with 95% of individuals who diet regaining the lost weight, and sometimes more withing one to give years- dieting can be harmful to overall health and well being. 


Health At Every Size® (HAES®) is an alternative paradigm to the traditional weight focused approach.

Understanding the Diet Culture

The Mythology of Dieting: Part II

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