Our office is located at  the Brookdale Complex at Kingston Road and Walnut Lane in Pickering, beside Shoppers Drug Mart. Our address is:

1105 Kingston Road
Building E, Suite 200 B (entrance on the west side of the building)
Pickering, ON L1V 1B5


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Contact our team at the following:


Dr. Perry Guo
Dr. Nicole Jones
Dr. Sundus Ozair
Dr. Mruna Shah
Dr. Natalie Wong

Tel: 905-420-9999Fax:905-420-6458
Dr. Brenda Chartier
Dr. Doron Eisen
Dr. Howard Petroff
Ashleigh Stevens, NP

Tel: 905-420-9999Fax: 905-420-1090

Dr. Adam Goldman
Dr. Mojib Sameem
Dr. Vance Tran
Dr. Emily Yeung

Charlene Welsh, NP
Nicole Korodetz RD  (Registered Dietician)


Binu Nair, BScPhm , CDE

Dale Andersen-Giberson, Social Worker
Rachel O'Connor, Social Worker

Lindsay Harrison, RN
Kristy McGrath, RN
Shannon Petersen, RPN
Mithuna Pirapakaran, RN
Natalie Sferrazza, RN
Lisa Shivprasad, RPN

Andrea Petroff, Executive Director    ext:2720
Julie Hodgeman, Program Manager  ext:2681

Tel: 905-420-9999Fax: 905-420-0863

Dr. Farber and Dr. DeSa are at the 1885 Glenanna Road location.