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If you are experiencing symptoms please self-isolate and visit
Durham Region Health Department Covid-19 Page

To get a test and, if needed, an assessment, go to the Durham Region Covid 19 Assessment Centers to complete the online form. Instructions for your appointment will be automatically emailed to you.

If you tested positive for COVID-19 you will be contacted by Durham Region Health Department, typically within 48 hours. The Health Department will provide you with information about the requirements to self-isolate and to identify potential contacts.

If you cannot obtain results online after 5 days, have a red and white health card, and/or DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS,  you can call the COVID-19 Assessment Centre results line at 905- 721-4842.

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PAEDIATRIC SCREENING, SCHOOL/DAYCARE >>>Should my child go to school/daycare?

What To Do If My Child Is Sick >>Durham Region Health Department

If you have been told to self isolate or are caring for someone who has tested positive for Covid 19,  Please visit the Ontario Public Health page for instructions:   Public Health Ontario – Covid-19 Resources Page


For more Information on the Novel Coronavirus please visit:

Government of Canada

Ontario Ministry of Health

Durham Region Health



Health Myself patient portal is now Pomelo. The portal has several advantages, one of which is to enable your doctor to communicate securely online with you.

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Resources for finding mental health help.

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Mental Health - Resources for Finding Help