Here are some tips to keep in mind when making an appointment with your health care provider at the West Durham Family Health Team:

1. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requires that you bring a valid health card to each office visit.  Your OHIP Card is checked by the reception staff upon your arrival.  This allows the staff to ensure you have valid health coverage and that your contact information remains up-to-date.

2. Advise the reception staff of any changes to your contact information including;

  • Name change
  • Address change
  • Phone number change or additions (eg. Cell phone number, work number,etc.)
  • Re-Issued health card (eg. New version code, new expiry date, etc.)

3. Check the expiry date on your card and arrange for a new one before it expires

4. You must notify the OHIP office if your card is lost, stolen, if you have changed your address or if your card has expired.


The OHIP office in Pickering is located at:
Unit 2, 1410 Bayly Street
Pickering, ON

(Near Go Train Parking)

Phone: (905) 831-3525

Visit Service Ontario for other locations.

6. In order to allow for the appropriate scheduling and timing of appointments while meeting all our patients' needs, we request that you inform the Office Assistants of the full reason for your clinic visit. This information will be kept highly confidential and will contribute to more efficient scheduling of patients with their provider.  Thank you for your cooperation.

7. For Physicals, Diabetic Checks and Well-baby Visits, we request that you arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time so there is adequate time for you to see the nurse and prepare for your examination (eg. Urine sample, weight, height, etc.)

8. If your visit is WSIB-related (due to a workplace injury), please state this information at the time of booking your appointment.  You will need to bring any forms that need to be completed along with your claim number to the appointment.

9. If you have been prescribed medications by physicians not affiliated with the West Durham Family Health Team, you will need to bring a list of all of your current prescription and over-the-counter medications to your appointment.  This information can then be updated and maintained in your health record.

10. Please note that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for medically necessary services for patients seen in clinic, hospital, etc. settings.  You may require services that are not covered by OHIP.  Some examples of these services include:

  • Travel advice and travel immunizations
  • Drivers physical examinations
  • Employment physical examinations
  • Transfer of Medical records
  • Removal of moles/cysts
  • Completion of forms including sick notes and certificates
  • Medical-legal correspondence.

The fees charged for these uninsured services are guided by the Ontario Medical Association fee schedule.  Services not covered by OHIP are payable by CASH ONLY at the time the service is provided. If you wish to sign up for the Annual Plan, please see our Uninsured Services page.