Your healthcare providers at the West Durham Family Health Team are committed to providing you with the best medical care possible. We are always looking at ways to make your visit helpful, informative and an overall positive experience. We ask you to recognize that while OHIP covers the cost of most of your medical needs, there are many time-consuming services which are not covered. These are called Uninsured Services, and they include:

    • Prescription renewals by phone or fax
    • Back to work/back to school notes
    • Medical letters to insurance companies and lawyers
    • Notes for massage/physiotherapy
    • Government forms completion
    • Travel advice
      and much more

The fees for these services are set in accordance with guidelines from the Ontario Medical Association and the policies set forth by  The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, but are the responsibility of the patient receiving the service. Please click the following link for the CPSO POLICY STATEMENT.

For your convenience, we have introduced an Annual Plan for our patients, which helps us offset these costs and offers you the option of a one-time fee that will cover nearly any of these services for you and your family for a full year. We recommend that you consider this plan instead of having to pay for each service individually in the office. Should you choose not to participate in the Annual Plan, please note that payment is required at the time of service by cash (preferred), debit/credit card or cheque.

The doctors participating in the program are:

Dr. Ramjee
Dr. Eisen
Dr. Shakoor
Dr. Naassan
Dr. Ozair
Dr. Seltzer
Dr. Sameem
Dr. Shah
Dr. Yeung

List of Fees and Uninsured Services (*Fees subject to change without notice*)